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Consulting is necessary for almost every company, if there is a problem with too many costs, the employees, the customers, material, transport, projects, strategies, developments, reorganization, etc. However, Consulting Services are expensive and you can’t keep the knowledge within your company so you need to hire a consultancy every time you have a problem. Does this mean that there isn’t any possibility to carry out your own “Self Consulting”, keeping the knowledge within your company and saving a lot of money?

Yes! There is a possibility! Conmethos is a Consultancy that works different than all the other consultancies. Conmethos develops Business Solutions for your company which you can use whenever you need them and they are as simple to use as a cooking recipe for a fried egg. So everyone is able to use and work with them. We offer three types of Business Solutions:

The first are Management Tools or so called “Toolboxes” which are PDF-based and run on any computer without an installation. You can navigate through them like through a web-based app­li­ca­tion which is structured phase-by-phase. Dozens of embedded links lead on to corresponding tools, templates and techniques implemented as MS-Office® files.

The second are Books which contain exactly the same knowledge as the Management Tools. People who prefer reading over working on a computer can read our Business Solutions as a Book.


The third are e Books which are exactly the same as the normal paper based books, but come along with all the advantages of an e Book.


In conclusion you can say that there is a better and even more affordable form of consulting. You can carry out your own “Self Consulting” with the Business Solutions that aren’t expensive and the knowledge will stay within your company so every time you have to solve a problem you won’t have to invest money again. Therefore have a closer look at our Business Solutions on our site Conmethos or on Facebook, TwitterLinkedin and many more.

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